NOVA SIRI in English

Nova Siri is a small country of the Basilicata, in province of Matera, situated on the jonica coast, it divides in Nova Siri country, or center, and Marine Nova Siri. Nova Siri has approximately 6500 inhabitants but the tourism is much "assets", naturally, thanks to the fascination of the sea, the hill and the mountains that make of this country a place that offers to tourist structures of high level occasions for the divertimento and the free time. Particularly adapted the families in tries of a calm vacation, the lucana coast e' rendered still more attractive from a chosen width of lodges, nocturnal restaurants and premises. Who tries a sport vacation can practice the sail, the windsurf, the canoe and the peach. The zone more adapted for the immersions e' that meridional. The particularly comfortable access e' rendered from the vicinity of the railroad (line FFSS MI-KR, TA-Sibari), of be them 106, that it runs to 1Km from the line of the beach. Earth of great horizons greens, of incontaminati spaces of nature and spiagge adapted to a calm tourism, Nova Sires offers interesting possibilities also to who prefers to soggiornare in hill and can therefore accommodate those persons who would have difficulty to go up excessive of quota. Situated to the center of the Magna Greece between Taranto and Crotone, in a particularly only area under the historical profile, the archaeological situated neighbors of Taranto, Matera can themselves be visited, Metaponto, Policoro, Tricarico, Vaglio, Venosa, Grumento Nova, Sibari, Crotone. Naturally this situated one puts to disposition the offered ones of lodges, farm holidays, camping, villages vacations, residence but also free announcements and services offers from society and associations.